Packaging and Shipping

Things You’ll Need

  • Cardboard record/CD mailers and inserts (obtainable from sources listed at the end of the article)
  • Bubble wrap (optional)
  • Package tape

How to properly package and ship your merchandise.

We understand the importance of keeping your media protected. That’s why we want to provide you with some helpful tips/instructions that will guide you in safely packing your merchandise before you ship it.
Please Note: If your local shipping company (e.g. UPS, USPS, FedEx, The UPS Store & etc) have different packaging guidelines, please follow those.


Ship To Address

Purnell Turner
14655 Shields Bridge Road
Belle Haven,Va 23306 is not liable for any improperly packaged items shipped from your address (i.e. home, business or etc).



  1. All LP’s should be placed in a secure card board box. Measuring 12 x 12 into a shipping box. The shipping box should be 12 to 13 inches. You will have to determine the height and depth by the number of disc /records to be shipped. Making sure that each items is in its proper jacket/sleeve.
  2. All items should be totally secure to prevent sliding back and forth. Always check your box to make sure it firmly tight. This will ensure your records will arrive in tact without damage. For a safe shipment. I suggest no more than 5 in one box to ensure a safe shipment.

78 Tips

When 78 rpm records were made of shellac. Which is more brittle and they did not come with a card board jacket. Only thin paper.

  1. Packaging box should be 10 x 10 your shipping box should be no smaller than you your Lp box. 10 to 10 1/2inches. Each item should be separated by a card board cushion or a thin sheet of Bubble wrap for better protection.
  2. The more secure your item is when packaged mean a safe undamaged product.
  3. For a safe shipment. I suggest no more than 5 in one box

45 Tips

You want to follow the same format for as for LP’s. You’ll want a sturdy card board mailer w/card board inserts designed for 7-inch records. 7 to 7 inches. Again the thickness will be determined by the number of records you ship. For a safe shipment. I suggest no more than 10 in one box.

VHS/Cassette TIps

  1. When shipping VHS and cassettes make sure they are in the proper case if possible. If you do not have the case it was obtained in when you bought it, here is few ways to make sure it is properly packaged to be shipped.
  2. Buy a generic case and wrap it with bubble wrap at least two times around for VHS and cassettes. Place no more than 2 VHS’s in a box firmly and tight. Follow the same procedure w/ cassettes with no more than 3 to a box. Remember that your package must be tightly and firmly secure to ensure a safe shipment.

Final Notice

We will notify you as to the condition of your package once received via e-mail photo. Feel free to make the choice of which shipper you would like to use. Also, make sure you insure your items before shipping. We will not be responsible any damage that accrued prior to receiving your product.